delusion founded not until productions in las vegas nevada,  he continued to explore different styles of music as a guitarist, when he came to rockford in 1993,  he reopended the not until studios again, where he was a studio musician and crossed paths with dj playboy and was engineering and mastering his sets.  thats were tranzdoc came about, he produced a unique style of electronica with a west coast feel and the hard chicago house, he began to stun crowds with his hard aggressive style with melodic melodies, and thats when tranzdoc decided to start the extremely sucsessful underground club scene, with many of out door events and large shows he started to meet more and more artists interested in linking up and performing, when many of the artists were drawing more crowds and more requests, he began look at the changing music scene to hip hop, tranzdoc began to engineer and master local hip hop artists, thats how delusion came about, he began to produce hip hop under the moniker delusion, and began the series delusion presents in 2003, and is still pressing them and still is this day, he has worked with artists from all over the united states.  he continues to bring a new sound and new faces to the music scene, with his metal and multiple styles house experience his style has been years ahead of the game, the songs he produced on delusion presents big d was produced in 2004 are songs that are mainstream in 2010, he continues to stay ahead of the game.  with his willingness to work with all styles and artists he continues to cut paths for local artists and giving them a chance to do something original unlike anyone else.   

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