the not until video production team

our team of experienced artists range from photographers to videographers and arts and design  professionals.  we can take your song and video idea and turn it into a finished in hand product all in house.  we can shoot your video in full high definition and give your video in any format you choose from a you tube friendly hd video, to your typical dvd, and for you high def junkies we offer blu-ray.  we generally send multiple cameramen to shoot your videos which in turn gives you more footage more angles and less money for you to spend.  we have a wide variety of lighting and video equipment that would typically triple your cost of video shoot,  we carry booms, camera dollys, camera cranes, effect lighting, wash lighting, and much much more.  we can give you that extra edge over all the videos out there, cause lets face it every one owns a hd camera and makes videos now.